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Resident Evil: Japanese Voice Acting


Posted 08 October 2010 - 05:35 PM

Edit to Talk: Japanese Voice Acting by Keiji
Hi. I'm the author of the video called BioHazard / Resident Evil: Featuring Unused Japanese Voice Acting that was ripped from You Tube, and I just wanted to be sure to get credit for what I make. I replaced the FLV with the original embedded video from YouTube, hope this won't initiate any peeves by any means. I intend to contribute material here, I've got some stuff to submit. Yes, I'm for real, oh and I'm NEVER going to the forums, though I know that doesn't mean anything. I'm also from Unseen 64 BTW. Nice you meet you. Thanks,
Keiji Dragon/Kei


Nope, we don't give credit to anyone for this stuff unless your name is in the credits of the retail game. Don't mess with our site, don't sign what you think is "yours", and don't act like we care about credit.


Yo, SSUK here. Look, I think Unseen 64 does some great work. So we'll meet you half way. Restore the video with the X-Egg player and add your name to the article. YouTube has a nasty tendency to delete videos at the mere sniff of a legal complaint incoming. CulT does not. Any problems, PM me via the forums.

I'm starting to think we are probably better to start crediting people, just to entice people to contribute. It's not like it'll kill us to do so.

Deal. I just didn't like seeing the watermark attached to the video I assembled, I cringed at that. Though, if some of you were gonna take stuff from people (while UGO makes a valid point, it doesn't excuse the fact that a lot of hard work was put into the video by whomever. I believe Yakumo from AssemblerGames said it best about this similar issue not to long ago: http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showpost.php?p=367992&postcount=17) like that and watermark, you would have at least asked. I'm actually assumed someone actually liked it enough to rip it and archive into one of the most ambitious sites about unseen game information on the internet. But enough of that.

If this will reach a favorable outcome, I'll be more then happy putting the video back at your suggestion, SSUK. Thanks.


Funny how I get suspended after receiving instruction from someone who seems to be a well-speaking member here (referring to SSUK). I added my name to the article, and I get suspended suddenly.

Yes, it's not legally "mine", but it doesn't excuse the fact that I worked hard on it out of interest. SSUK made a very good point about giving people credit to encourage contributing to the site, something I've stopped doing here. Next time, I'm gonna watermark my videos so people like you don't go around taking stuff without asking. Speaking of which, nice watermark, asshole.


About that watermark, it's not physically on the file, it's just an element of the video player, asshole. You know, people like you make me sick. You gotta realize something, people put stuff up on this site left and right, and don't go signing their name on it. It does show up in the news feed who updated what, so if you really NEEEEEEED to feel credited about your little upload that is totally gonna add inches to your e-penis, check the RSS. I for one have uploaded plenty of videos of various firmware splash-screens and a few other things, and I haven't plastered my name all over them thinking that I'm gonna get some award or something. Yeah, I show the links to people and say, "hey, I made this" but I don't go an expect everyone to bow down to my awesomeness and treat me like some sort of generous person that oh so graciously took a bit of my time to do something for them. I update X-Egg because it's what I like to do. I don't do it for fame or glory or honor or any of that sort of thing, I mean fuck dude, I'm updating a video game website with stuff that a majority of the population doesn't even care about. Does that make me cool, try nerd instead. Oh, and by the way, there are easy ways to remove watermarks, faggot. Have fun with your sour grapes. Sincerely, segaloco

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