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Help Topic: How to use X-Egg

Getting Started

To begin editing with X-Egg, you must first have an X-CulT forums account. If you do not have one, please register. Once you have registered, you are now able to edit the X-CulT wiki.

Static and Dynamic

One of the pioneering features of X-Egg is how articles are organized. Each category, game, and article can be either Static or Dynamic. Static articles are the default versions of articles displayed on X-Egg, whereas dynamic is seen as the "cutting edge" version of an article. Dynamic pages are pages fully editable by the site's users, whereas Static pages can only be edited by site staff. Once a user believes a dynamic article is worthwhile, he/she can put in a "static request." Site staff will review the article and either approve or deny the request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is X-Egg?
X-Egg is a content management system designed specifically with the needs of X-CulT in mind. It's a cross between a Wiki and Content management system, taking the best of both worlds and combining them.

Who created X-Egg?
X-Egg was first developed by drx. It was later forked by Sazpaimon to incorporate the Wiki features in it.

I really like this software, can I use it on my website
Sorry, X-Egg is still in its testing phases, and is considered beta software. Additionally, it was coded with the Cult's technology in mind. There are currently plans to release X-Egg to the general public, but it is currently in the conceptual stages.

Is HTML the only way to edit pages?
No! You can edit pages in 3 different ways. X-Egg supports basic BBCode and additionally supports all the popular syntax seen in MediaWiki. See the Syntax Guide for more information.

I love X-CulT, how do I become a sysop for the wiki?
By editing pages and being a generally contributive member, and most of all, not asking! Requests to become a sysop are generally denied, so don't push your luck.

Editing Techniques

***Under construction, stay tuned***

Syntax Guide

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