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X-CulT: Main Forum

Main research forum for X-Cult. Post discoveries and interesting shit here.

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Haus of Hacking

ROM hacking and game modification forum. Read the god damn rules before posting.

  • 413 Topics
  • 6,081 Replies
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Everything Else

Non-research/off-topic discussion and gaming news goes here.

  • 2,419 Topics
  • 48,778 Replies
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Talk Pages

X-Egg talk pages are shown here. You can add, reply to, and modify talk pages here, just like on the main page.

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X-Cult Online

#cult:online on irc.cultnet.net. X-Cult Matchmaking, and more. I hope you all kill yourselves.

  • 31 Topics
  • 260 Replies
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The trashbin, hall of shame, etc. where horrible threads go to die.If a lot of your posts wind up here you're in for a world of shit.

  • 384 Topics
  • 4,227 Replies